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Established in 1991, Adderley Featherstone is a leading UK and International Executive Search firm. Our objective is simple: To offer the best service in Executive Search and Talent Acquisition and to provide our clients with the right advice and to recruit the right people for the modern business environment.

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Executive Jobs

Adderley Featherstone works with a broad range of clients in all sectors. You can use our Executive Jobs pages to search and apply for confidential board and senior management positions.

Your application will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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The Right People

The success and enduring quality of any company or organisation is determined ultimately by the quality of its team. Adderley Featherstone specialise in identifying and recruiting high-quality people for board, senior management and strategic appointments - the right people.

“We will only introduce candidates of the highest quality to our clients.”

Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Providing Due Diligence on Candidates

With any important business decision it is essential to do your due diligence, not least with candidates for key roles in your organisation. A well prepared CV is important, but invariably not enough. Our Self-Awareness Questionnaire is a unique and powerful tool used in the recruitment process.

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