Code of Practice and Ethics

Summary of our Code of Practice and Ethics

  1. We will not undertake an assignment unless we are confident in completing the work to the client's satisfaction. We seek long term relationships based on our own and our client's success.
  2. We will only put forward candidates to clients who fit the specification and who have been thoroughly screened and assessed by us. We do not put forward candidate curriculum vitae without their permission.
  3. We will never directly approach an employee of a client company or liaise with them unless by agreement with the client. We do not subscribe to the view that it is acceptable to approach client's employees after an arbitrary off-limits time period (two years is often quoted).
  1. We limit the number of clients for whom we work in any one industry or area of economic speciality.
  2. We offer absolute confidentiality for both clients and candidates.
  3. We work on the basis of professional consultancy fees, agreed and fixed in advance. We do not accept fees from candidates. Our objectivity is guaranteed.

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