Recruiting the right people - Post Covid

More than ever companies are going to need to ensure they have the best possible leaders and talent in their business, an imperative if they are to navigate a successful route to the future in the new post Covid business environment. There is now a huge talent pool available post Covid created through layoffs, restructuring and a strong desire by many to work in a new environment or in a different way. We have seen a change in that the number of candidates looking for new opportunities has risen significantly with unusually large amounts of CV’s coming in. In consequence there is a real opportunity for employers to find exceptional new talent.

Adderley Featherstone has developed and refined its approach to operate successfully in this changed marketplace post Covid.

We offer:

  • 30 years experience in recruiting the right people into key leadership and strategic roles
  • Deep multi-functional and multi-sector experience combined with a modern approach to meeting the challenges of recruiting Directors and Senior Members
  • Use of the best new media channels to tap into talent pools, UK and Internationally
  • A thorough process using virtual meetings with both clients and candidates
  • An in-depth screening process which includes our unique Self Awareness Questionnaire providing due diligence on your candidates and supported by a deep reference checking process
  • A well-organised process which follows published safety guidelines for interview arrangements with shortlisted candidates and the final preferred candidate
  • A cost effective, realistic fee structure appropriate for this new post Covid environment
  • A service that works at a commercial pace combined with the right advice
  • Continuing long-term client relationships built on the success of our service offering

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. We have worked continuously throughout this period and we respond to emails and mobile messages quickly.